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When an organization hires its resources for testing the applications, they are handed over like a novice to a Project Manager, and this is the point from where the actual problem starts. The resources that were thought of to be the most matured one to dig the dippest part of the application, could even not visualize that they were supposed to go to that level.

Pearl Consulting Services, India comes forward to help the Project Managers who are on RISK becasue of these novice testing resources. We have desinged our training material in such a way that it makes the resources learn the HOW, WHAT and WHEN of software testing.

Our core traning material is desinged for 40 hours for the freshers brings the best in them and finally helps the application to dig deep into the problems and find the maximum bugs. We make them learn the ART of performing the most crucial part of SDLC, i.e. Manual Software Testing.

Our experience shows that sometimes the senior resources in Software Testing Team also need a brushup of the past fundamentals in a crash course. We have designed something for this group that lasts for 20 hours.

Manual Testing - Manual testing is performed by the software tester who carries out all of the actions on the tested application manually, step-by-step and indicates whether a particular step was accomplished successfully or whether it failed.
What skills will the student gain?

After the completion of 40 hours course, the Engineer, who just joined in, will learn:

1. Fundamentals of Software Testing
2. Verification & Validation methodology
3. Different software testing techniques
4. Test elements usage (rule/scenario/case)
5. Software test management
6. Different levels of software testing