Move Ahead In Competition From Your Competitors By Defining Quality That Produces Margins And Unlock Your Enterprise Potential

PCS (Pearl Consulting Services) is an IT Business Consulting organization and registered as a Proprietorship Firm at Ajmer, India to run software services across the globe. PCS has its branch office at Gurgaon, India. Founded in January 2011, PCS has been providing IT offshore outsourcing solutions and services which help our clients to more efficiently manage their business information and associated processes. Our solutions and services put your information to work by delivering the right content to the right users at the right time with Quality.

Pearl Consulting Services clients accelerate their time-to-market, increase client satisfaction, enhance efficiencies, and reduce operating costs and improving overall competitive advantage. Our association brings cost reductions, performance improvements along with new ways of working, tailored to each client. Our services are high quality services. We provide an immediate access to a highly educated, well-trained, technically skilled, highly experienced and reliable workforce who delivers world-class services at par with international standards.

We work hard and keep pushing ourselves to the limits, to achieve our foremost goal - Complete Client Satisfaction. This approach motivates us to provide assistance and support to our clients, even after completion of project. We never give up, till we have tried every possible approach to assure client Satisfaction. We believe in being as straightforward and transparent as possible in dealing with our clients. In the end, we believe our honest approach leads to better business for everyone involved. We have been working with clients since January 2011.

Our continued success is dependent on their happiness with our work. Our "Client Driven" approach has provided us with a stable and sustainable business model. PCS Strengths/Benefits with us. We follow a strong Process Management approach to drive our business. This ensures that there is no deviation from the defined process approach to deliver the expected quality to our clients. For every project that we execute, we define processes for the project to be followed. These processes are then conveyed to the Engineers of projects to follow the same without any deviation.

A strong Internal Audit process ensures that Engineers are following what they are asked to follow. clients have complete control over the quality during the recruitment, training and process implementation stages. 50% cost reduction compared to onshore projects.

1. Highly-skilled engineering staff to resolve and understand you better.

2. Structured quality processes for performance improvement and training.

3. Customized weekly reports and analysis of performance according to the client's needs.

4. Full-time employees, resulting in consistent quality improvements.

5. Quality Monitoring System in place to deliver what is expected by clients.